Warehouse Support

"As a member of the warehouse team my role is to support and ensure all products are ready ahead of delivery, and are delivered to the correct location in a sound condition when required.

Monitoring the process of deliveries both to Sherwin Hall and our customers is essential to ensure a sound running of the business. As a team we also monitor warehouse capacity levels and stock control."

Mark Sherwin


Daniella Smith

Showroom Manager

Andreas Quansah

Project Manager

Nicola Gavin

Senior Designer

Amy Whitehouse


Iga Mackowiak

Junior Designer

Peter Smith

Key Account Manager

Wayne Mogg

Project Manager

Imogen Garton

Key Account Assistant

Kristina Pope

Customer Support

Paulette McKeown

Assistant Account Manager

Lacie Kaur

Key Account Assistant

Jamie Kneeland

Transport & Warehouse Manager

Emma Gavin

Junior Designer

Suzanne Mugglestone

Key Account PA