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Triflow Concepts | award-winning Anti-Bacterial water at your fingertips

Triflow Concepts are experts in the delivery of pure filtered water in your home. Now with their New Triflow O3 range you can have award-winning Anti-Bacterial water at your fingertips.

The inspiration for Triflow O3 range comes from the increasing focus on cleanliness and hygiene in the home. Washing your hands for just 10 seconds with Triflow O3 Water will remove 99.99% of microbes and viruses chemical FREE.

Triflow O3 Water is 3,000 times more powerful than chlorine. Additional benefits to Triflow O3 Water include removing odours and helping to preserve food up to 2-3 times longer.

The Triflow 03 Mixer system also provides Hot, Cold and Triflow O3 water all in one, making it the perfect addition to the family kitchen. Complete with pull out spray head to make cleaning with O3 water even easier.

How is O3 water made?

Ozone is a natural gas, a tri-automatic form of Oxygen.

It is produced in the Ozone Generator which is supplied with air and a little bit of electricity.

The electricity splits the Oxygen in the air into two Oxygen atoms. The Oxygen atoms combine with Oxygen molecules to form the Ozone gas.

The weak bond holding Ozone’s third Oxygen atom is what causes Ozone to be a very strong Oxidant and an ideal ‘Chemical free’ sanitizer and oxidizer agent.

When oxidizing a compound, it loses the weakly bonded atom, and an oxygen molecule remains.

O3 Anti-Bacterial Properties

O3 is 3,000 times more powerful than traditional oxidants such as chlorine. It has no toxictiy issues and produces no by products. Mirco organisims do not build up a tolerance to O3. O3 can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic, mircobiological, taste and odour problems.

The efficacy of Triflow O3 Water to destroy pathogens is dependant on the O3 concentration in water and the contact or ‘treatment’ time. The sanitizing ability of Triflow O3 Water increases as either or both variable is increased.

Independent testing by Internationally recognized Labs such as TÜV have upheld all claims made on the NEW Triflow O3 systems


O3 is produced in the Generator; because of its ‘short life’ (as it reverts back to Oxygen) O3 cannot be supplied or stored in tanks.

O3 has been allowed and accepted for some time in food processing in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countires. O3 was confirmed as GRAS (Generally Recoginised as Safe) by the FDA in 1998 and recently as a safe and sustainable santizer for food meant for human consumption.

O3 Benefits

• Over 99.99% of microbes and Viruses will be removed,
• Leaving you with clean hands and surfaces with no chemicals required
• Removes odours from fish, garlic, smoke, etc, just with Ozonized water.
• O3 water can preserve food for up to 2-3times longer
• Simply press the O3 button or activate the sensor to start dispensing O3 water.
• No change in the water flow rate or temperature.
• The O3 generator will automatically stop if not used for more than 10 mins.
• 2 Years Guarantee on both Generator and Tap

O3 Approvals

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. All components in Triflow O3 Taps are WRAS compliant.

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