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Sherwin Hall working with local developers

Sherwin Hall works with a number of local developers on projects which range from smaller sites of two properties to developments of over one hundred properties and everywhere in-between. Our team have developed longstanding relationships that we as a company are proud of. Our service to builders of all sizes is totally flexible and covers all types of homes and all budgets. in the same way as our retail clients, the developers we work with have the option to allow their customers to choose bespoke specifications for their kitchens which provides a personal touch and is great for creating a positive relationship with buyers.





We have recently been working with Cadeby Homes on their Rothley development which we are exceptionally proud of. The clients wanted a minimal clean design that was versatile yet sophisticated. The kitchen hosts a spacious dining area and island/breakfast which is very convenient for people who like to entertain or for growing families. 

Looking forward, we are also working with Cadeby Homes and their project at Bull In The Oak, Leicestershire which we are very excited to be a part of. Please see the links below for more details.



We are delighted to add that our clients are just as happy with the projects as we are...

"My experience of working with Sherwin Hall is a very good one and I enjoy working with such a helpful and hardworking team who deliver a quality product. I have encountered very few problems of which makes my life easier when managing different projects, everyone is very conscientious and polite from the guys on-site to the office staff and I have no problem recommending them for future work with other developers or clients"

Brian Coe, Project Manager, Cadeby Homes Limited