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Quooker | Boiling Water Taps

With a Quooker in your kitchen, you always have instant 100°C boiling water alongside regular hot and cold. 

At Sherwin Hall Kitchens we offer our clients the very best technology available. Quooker taps are high quality and aesthetically pleasing, coming in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your new kitchen. 

A Quooker consists of a kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard. There are various options. For convenience, go for a 3-in-1 tap or a separate boiling-water tap. 

You can also add a Quooker CUBE, and you will also have filtered chilled and sparkling water – all from the same tap.

Choose the tap that suits you best, whether it's the 'Quooker Flex', which is the only Quooker tap with a handy, flexible pull out hose. The 'Quooker Nordic Twintaps', two taps in the same design, with a mixer tap for hot and cold water and a Quooker tap for boiling water. Or the classic 'Quooker Fusion', everything from one tap. 

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Quooker Taps Leicester
Flex Black
Fusion Round Patinated Brass
Classic Fusion Round Nickel
Classic Fusion Round Polished Chrome
Flex Stainless Steel
Fusion Round Gold
Fusion Square Black
Classic Nordic Round Polished Chrome