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Novy Your Kitchen's Secret Ingredient

Power, silence and connectivity

Novy cooker hoods and hobs excel in silence and design minimalism, created to bring peace to the heart of the kitchen. Powerful, too, built with an eye for precision and perfection, designed so that you can comfortably cook, thanks to smart technology that allows your kitchen appliances to communicate.

Novy focuses on 3 core values: power, silence and connectivity:

Powerful performance in your kitchen

More than 50 years have passed since Novy pioneered and patented its peripheral extraction system, a technology that is now widely used by most extraction specialists.
By having a narrow gap between the base plate and the edges of the cooker hood, odours and cooking vapours are rapidly extracted. Not only does this increase efficiency to 95%, but the position of the grease filter behind the baseplate is also an aesthetic solution.

The power of silence

With a specialist in kitchen ventilation, you expect all models to have very low noise levels as standard. A Novy cooker hood is designed to be quieter than the sound of your cooking. Combining a powerful silent motor with this aerodynamic technology results in a cooker hood that eliminates all the nuisance aspects in your kitchen: noise and odours.

Innovative and pioneering character

Novy consistently monitors the latest trends in kitchens and lifestyles to pioneer and create innovative appliances that are silent, technologically sophisticated and suit the way we live now. These products set the tone for the future with regard to discretion, simplicity and ease of use.

For more information about Novy and our other appliances available with a Sherwin Hall Kitchen, contact our team today on 0116 233 7775.

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