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Liebherr - You cook, we cool

Refrigeration specialists Liebherr have been manufacturing high-quality fridges and freezers since 1954

The Fully integrated Liebherr fridge range stores your groceries in ideal climatic conditions, ensuring extra-long freshness and storage time, making a substantial contribution to avoiding food waste.

The newest range impresses in everyday use thanks to practical functions and special features, including:

EasyFresh - Ideal for fruit and vegetables.
Unpacked fruit and vegetables feel right at home here. At the same temperature as in the fridge compartment and air-tight in the safe, lettuce, for example, remains crisp and fresh even after 7 days.

BioFresh - Our all-rounder.
With the proven BioFresh technology, food is stored at a temperature just above 0 °C, significantly cooler than in the rest of the appliance.
With the perfect humidity, fruit and vegetables stay fresh for even longer in the air-tight Fruit & Vegetable safe. Meat, fish and dairy products are in good hands in the Meat & Dairy safe.

HydroBreeze - The BioFresh Professional Refrigerate like the professionals
A fresh, cold mist ensures crisp freshness and improves structure — the "showstopping" feature for fruit and vegetables in the BioFresh safe.

Mist - The latest feature
Liebherr found inspiration for the HydroBreeze in Salinas Valley, California. Due to the proximity to the cool Pacific Ocean, a fine humid mist covers the valley and the fields in the summer. This prevents the vegetables grown here from drying out.
We have applied this principle to our freshness requirement: a cold mist covers the fruit and vegetables like a balm.

OpenStage - The kitchen becomes a market stall with the new OpenStage drawers.
Inspired by display cases in fine delicatessens, the OpenStage concept provides a showcase all food items at a glance.

Maximum clarity - Ideally ergonomic to reach.
The complete contents of the fridge can be stored and easily removed on the fully-extendible glass shelves.
Full-surface stainless steel applications on the rear wall and in the inside door as well as a fan with discreet ambient lighting, make it possible to experience something special every time you open the door.

Ice Ice Baby
Spontaneous party? Not a problem. The IceMaker produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, providing plenty of ice for enjoying aperitifs, cocktails and soft drinks – for a truly memorable summer garden party.
The IceMaker is available with a fixed water connection and, alternatively with a water tank. With the MaxIce feature, ice cube production can be increased if more guests are invited over.

InfinitySpring - This spring's source is in the fridge.
Liebherr's InfinitySpring supplies a crystal-clear source of water into the heart of the kitchen. Now lugging heavy crates and plastic bottles full of water are history. This means less back strain, and it also conserves our environment. Simple and sustainable.

For more information about Sherwin Hall Kitchens range of Liebherr products, contact our team today on 0116 233 7775

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