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Everyone knows how incredible that first perfectly chilled sip of wine, beer or water is. Kaelo was designed so you can enjoy that perfect sip for the whole bottle.

Open a cold one, pour yourself a glass, and place the bottle in the Kaelo. It will keep the temperature of your drink to within a degree. An ideal companion to a wine fridge, Kaelo keeps an open bottle right where it needs to be: close to hand, and at the right temperature.

Kaelo is a dry-cold chamber that can be integrated into any table or countertop to serve a drink perfectly chilled. It requires no ice, water, or maintenance, and only costs 1p an hour to run.

How it works
Just a single tap on the Crown and within seconds a jacket of cold air wraps around the cold bottle, keeping its contents perfectly chilled and its exterior totally dry.

Kaelo’s patented cooling system is adapted from hyper-efficient medical technologies. It reaches ice-cold temperatures in seconds, yet uses no more power than a 30-watt bulb.

Everything is controlled by touching the Crown: off, on, modes and lights. A singular piece of stainless steel forms the Crown, available in 3 designs: Curved, Flush and Undermount. Curved and Flush styles come in four premium colours, all brushed or mirror-polished.