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Nicola Gavin

Head of Design

"Being a Kitchen Designer is an absolutely fantastic job, its what I have been doing for almost twenty years and I still enjoy helping customers to plan their dream kitchen. At Sherwin Hall we have access to a fantastic range of kitchen furniture and appliances and because every Sherwin Hall kitchen is uniquely designed for each customer there are literally never two days the same in this job"

Mark Sherwin


Daniella Smith

Business Development Director

Andreas Quansah

Operations Director

Nicola Gavin

Head of Design

Kinga Klusek

Senior Designer

Amy Whitehouse


Iga Mackowiak


Emma Gavin


Imogen Garton

Key Account Assistant

Peter Smith

Major Accounts Director

Nigel Palin

Customer Care Manager

Kristina Pope

Customer Support

Suzanne Mugglestone

Key Account PA

Finley Tyson

Key Account Assistant

Jamie Kneeland

Transport & Warehouse Manager

Paulette McKeown

Assistant Account Manager

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Key Account Assistant

Zoe Talbot